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Easy maintenance: healthy plants with STIHL sprayers and mistblowers

If you love working in nature then you’re passionate about the health of your plants. Mistblowers and sprayers are indispensable tools when it comes to protecting and caring for plants. They are used in applying pesticides and fortifiers to flowerbeds, in the greenhouse, and to vines. But what are the specific differences between sprayers and mistblowers?

Turning your privacy hedge into a feast for the eyes − STIHL hedge trimmers are a cut above the rest

Colourful blossoms in spring, verdant green in summer, magnificent orange and red leaves and berries in autumn, and beautiful frosty branches in winter: Hedges shape the feel of a garden and make the change of the seasons a vivid experience for everyone to see and enjoy. What’s more, they play an especially important role in the ecosystem by providing a home as well as protection from the wind and the weather to a wide range of animals. Hedges also prevent excessive evaporation and soil erosion by protecting the soil from heat and strong gusts of wind.