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STIHL gardening tip: cutting grass

We have brought together some useful expert tips in our “STIHL gardening tip” series of articles to help you face the challenges around your home and garden with ease. In this article, find out how using a lawn trimmer, brushcutter and clearing saw can make your work easier.

How to make mowing lines last longer

Whether you are a professional or a private user, wherever your lawnmower reaches its limits, clearing saws and brushcutters make an ideal choice. We have a few tips for you to ensure that the mowing line will continue to deliver optimal cutting performance and remains stable for longer, even after a long period of storage.

Outstanding performance: STIHL M-Tronic

Giving your best in your day-to-day work you surely should receive the best possible support from your tools. This is why STIHL invented M-Tronic: An innovative system that makes a lot of things possible – even leaving off work early.