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STIHL cordless power doesn’t just allow emissions-free working in your own garden. The PRO cordless power system offers professionals a whole range of products for all-day use, including professional gardening and landscaping. In order to gain an insight into the daily routine of these types of professionals and their cordless power tools, we met with two gardeners and landscapers in northern Italy to ask their opinion.

Urban and Danilo

Urban makes full use of cordless power for horticulture in South Tyrol

Five kilometres south of Meran, in the heart of the South Tyrol region, the Galanthus nursery maintains hotel grounds and public facilities, as well as private gardens. Urban Reiterer, a landscape gardener working for Galanthus, took time out to answer a few questions on STIHL cordless power tools.

Urban, tell us about your everyday routine and what you like about it.
Urban: My day-to-day work involves maintaining and creating new gardens. I came to this job by quite a roundabout route: I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and looking after plants, so one thing followed the next, and today I’m a landscape gardener. The best thing about this job is the variety, because I work in many areas and so there’s plenty of scope. Every day I can set myself new challenges and so I never get bored.

These days the work is not simply manual any more, as professionals now often use tools. What is your general impression of the STIHL tools that you use?
Urban: We’ve been working with STIHL products at Galanthus for years, mainly because of the quality. Personally, I’m very impressed with the products, because the tools do what they promise. We’ve put them through their paces in a variety of situations and each time the STIHL products have proven their worth. In my everyday work, I have to be able to rely on my tools. STIHL products are very robust and very rarely break down.

You are now using STIHL cordless tools as well. How do you find working with them and what advantages are there to working with these products?
Urban: We work with several STIHL cordless tools, for example the HSA 86 hedge trimmer, the HLA 65 long-reach hedge trimmer and the BGA 85 blower. The great thing about the cordless power tools is that they are very flexible to work with. These advantages are mainly a result of the products’ improved handling. Cordless power tools are very light, very well balanced, and the cutting performance is also excellent.

Can you imagine only working with cordless tools?
Urban: Yes, absolutely, the products’ performance is simply ideal. I know I can get everything done with cordless tools, because the batteries provide consistent performance. There’s no loss of power, even when they are almost empty, and the backups and backpack battery allow me to work all day long. The products are also much quieter, which is far more pleasant not only for us, but for our customers as well.

Urban Reiterer

Urban from Galanthus nursery relies on STIHL cordless power for all kinds of day-to-day garden maintenance.

In the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, Danilo puts his faith in professional cordless tools

Not far from Galanthus nursery lie the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The 12-hectare gardens are home to more than 5,000 plant types and varieties from around the world. At the height of the season, more than 100 employees tend this botanical gem. One of the gardeners, Danilo Satto, spoke to us about his work and his use of STIHL cordless tools.

Many thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Danilo. Tell us a little about your work in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.
Danilo: I work in the botanical garden, where I am responsible for the two vineyards, the orchard and the kitchen garden. Work begins around 5.30 am, because there’s always plenty to do before visitors to the garden arrive. The plants must be tended and everything kept tidy of course, to present the garden in its best light.

As a professional, you depend on your tools. What is your opinion of STIHL products?
Danilo: To date, I’ve had only good experiences with STIHL tools. We use a STIHL chainsaw to maintain trees, and I’m very happy with it. The handling is comfortable and it’s also easy to start. I also use STIHL tools in my own garden and I’m very happy with them.

How do you make use of STIHL cordless tools? Where do you use them and benefits do you see?
Danilo: We use STIHL cordless tools for a lot of the work that we do in the gardens. Previously, we tended to maintain plants by hand, but of course it’s a lot quicker to use cordless tools, so we can use our time more effectively. When the visitors start to arrive, we keep on working at the far end of the garden and we do it without any excessive noise or emissions. We also make much better use of the working day because we start earlier and can carry on working when visitors are here.

That sounds very promising. On average, how much time do you save by working with cordless tools?
Danilo: I couldn’t give you a definite figure, it just depends on what we are doing. A good example though would be the vineyard work: previously, I needed two weeks to prune the vineyards. Now I use the ASA 65 cordless pruning shears which cut through the branches like butter, so I need much less time than before. And what’s more, my hand no longer hurts after a hard day’s pruning. The battery also lasts the whole working day, so I don’t need to change it even once.

Another example: When we clean the paths at the weekend – all 8 km of them – we used to need several colleagues to get them all done on time. With the BGA 100, two of us can do everything. It’s easily explained, as the cordless blowers give me power at the touch of a button. Yet another example: I can work really flexibly and efficiently when I’m cleaning steps, and it’s simply quicker overall.

Do you have any special tips for our readers from working with cordless power tools?
Danilo: We use the ASA 65 to get other jobs done too. For example, we use it to trim the lower leaves on our 500 palm trees. Up on the elevating platform, this work gets done really quickly, and we enjoy it too.We also use the ASA 65 to trim laurel trees.

The HSA 94 hedge trimmer also sees a lot of use here, and not just as a hedge trimmer. When we work on Mediterranean plants for instance, it allows us to cut through thick branches easily, and so it trims more than just hedges. Every cordless power tool has hidden talents.

You’re already using a lot of cordless tools in the Trauttmansdorff Castle gardens. In your opinion, do you need any other tools?
Danilo: I don’t think so. We’re managing really well, and plan to continue using mainly cordless tools. In future, we aim to do all our work using quiet cordless tools, because we benefit overall from the flexibility and efficiency of the products.

Danilo in the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Danilo’s work in the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle is so much easier thanks to STIHL cordless power tools.

Find out more about our cordless tools for professional applications. An overview can be found on the PRO cordless power system onepager.

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