STIHL as employer: A career in a family business

STIHL_Ausbildung_D_0026As the sector’s leader and an internationally active group, we set the technological standards with our chain saws and range of tools. The basis for the outstanding quality of our products is not only the technical expertise of our employees, but also the pleasant working atmosphere. At STIHL, that means flat hierarchies, project-based work, a high level of commitment and attractive benefits within a financially strong company.

Working in a family business

STIHL is a family business with a high equity ratio, meaning that our employees can depend on stable jobs in Germany and in 160 countries. STIHL has access to a global production network with manufacturing companies in Germany, the USA, Brazil, China, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition, we have more than 30 of our own sales subsidiaries around the world. Collecting international experience is therefore an important part of career development at STIHL. You can do that as a member of an international project team or while on assignment in one of our subsidiaries.

Mutual trust between employees and the Stihl family is deeply rooted in the company and provides stability and independence. Long-term strategies, organic growth and a high level of expertise ensure this stability and independence, even in times of economic uncertainty on the financial markets.

Company culture

Besides talent and technical knowledge, we believe social competence and commitment are important. Working fairly with one another, supporting colleagues and communicating openly are important aspects of our company culture. Every opinion counts – from the first day onwards.

Compatibility of work and family

In order to meet the needs of parents at STIHL and to allow them to strike a better balance between their professional and private lives, we implement a number of measures. We create models for flexible working hours together with our employees to fit in with childcare hours or to make caring for other family members possible. Children are our future. That is why we at STIHL support our employees and help them to break down compatibility barriers between work and family.

Equal opportunities

A career is a question of performance and potential; gender does not play a role. Nevertheless, it is true that women are rather seldom in managerial positions, especially in technically oriented companies. We at STIHL actively support women in their personal development. We focus on individual support and tangible equal opportunities.

If you are interested in joining STIHL, you can find the correct contact person here.

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