Anti-vibration systems from STIHL

Our tools really pack a punch. They deliver the proper performance so that you can work with absolute efficiency. The MS 880, the world’s strongest production chain saw, offers 6.4 kW of power. That’s the equivalent of 8.7 hp, more than some road-going mopeds.

Air filters for optimum engine performance

If there’s so much dust that you can’t see your hand in front of your face, you are most likely in the STIHL dust chamber. Dust is something we’re very interested in. It’s a stubborn material, can be found everywhere, even in the smallest opening, and likes to trouble mechanical and electrical devices – if it’s not combatted the right way, that is.

Cut protection fibres for your safety

You’ll certainly be familiar with high-tech fibres from your everyday lives: Waterproof, breathable rain jackets accompany us through many days of the year . But at STIHL, when we talk about high-tech fibres, we tend to mean another type of fabric, a material we hope you will never have to test out: cut protection fibres.

Sophisticated battery power

Regardless whether you’re building with wood, sawing firewood, moving the lawn, trimming lawn edges, cutting bushes or getting rid of dirt, sweepings or leaves, cordless power tools from STIHL make light work of all sorts of gardening jobs. The tools offer functional design, outstanding ergonomics and powerful engine performance.