Tailwind for pros: working comfortably with the BR450 C-EF

The option of simply switching off the tool? This is now a reality with the STIHL BR450 C-EF, because this petrol blower is highly efficient professional blower equipped with ElectroStart. Thanks to this innovation, users can easily restart the tool after short interruptions to their work without having to take it off their backs first. If it is necessary for users to walk a short distances between two sites, for example, or if they have to cross streets, the blower can be simply switched off.

This innovation proves very useful to landscapers and municipal cleaning operations because the leaf blower can be conveniently restarted at the touch of a button, enabling users to continue with their work.

The motor starts up again at the touch of a button after short interruptions to the work.

The motor starts up again at the touch of a button after short interruptions to the work.

Starting made easy

During the start process, a lightweight, compact electric motor gets the large combustion engine running with the help of an ErgoStart spring and a gear. A small battery integrated into the control electronics provides the necessary power. The lithium-ion battery cells are recharged through a built-in generator during use so that the blower is always ready for action.

To protect the battery cells, the electronics switch off ElectroStart at ambient temperatures below 0 °C. The blower can then be started manually, as usual − and the integrated pull starter with STIHL ErgoStart cuts down on the force necessary to start the blower by half.

Enhanced performance

We focused on more than just comfort and convenience, however, in the development of the BR 450 C-EF. We also succeeded in further developing the blowing system − and increased the blowing action as a result. Compared to the STIHL BR 430, which turns in a good performance with a blowing force of 26 newtons, the BR 450 C-EF can, in purely mathematical terms, hold 2.8 kg of leaves suspended in the air with its 28 newtons.

Features for comfort and convenience

The professional blower can be adjusted to the user without any trouble at all to ensure that the work goes quickly and easily. The blower tube’s fully adjustable length guarantees the perfect distance to the ground. It is even possible to adjust the position of the handle without the use of tools. As a result, it is easier for different users to operate the tool right after others have used it because they do not need to spend a lot of time adapting it to their body size.

Tool-free adjustment of the handle position

Tool-free adjustment of the handle position

Another useful feature is the locking throttle lever that can be fixed in any position the user desires. This provides effective relief for the “gas hand” during longer periods of work.

In addition, proven details of the tool’s features ensure the greatest comfort for workers wearing the blower and minimum strain. The STIHL anti-vibration system reduces the vibration on the back, while the wide shoulder straps and large back pads provide an optimum distribution of weight and additional buffering.

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2 thoughts on “Tailwind for pros: working comfortably with the BR450 C-EF

  1. I recently bought this model.
    I pull start the blower.
    The average run time is less then 10 minutes per property.
    I do 5 properties per day, 20 per week.( part time retired)
    I do get interrupted, so I do have to turn off the engine.
    50% of the time, the electric start will not work.
    The dealer has confirmed this, but has not be able to fix it.
    Any ideas that I can convey to the dealer?

    1. Hello Thom Persinger,
      Thank you for your comment and sorry for your inconvenience.
      Could you send us the contact data of the referring dealer and the serial number of your tool via e-mail to socialmedia@stihl.de? We would like to forward your case to our colleagues from STIHL customer service in your country.
      They will get back to you as soon as possible.
      Best regards,
      Your STIHL team

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