Innovative PPE: the ADVANCE X-TREEm suit

People such as arborists and forest professionals, whose jobs mean climbing to great heights − literally, face an ongoing struggle against extreme conditions. As a result, some very special demands are placed on their protective personal equipment. Freedom of movement, safety and breathability are just some of the criteria that PPE has to fulfil.
Our goal was to develop a premium forestry work suit using state-of-the-art textile engineering that lives up to the necessary practical requirements, which is why we applied the same painstaking attention to detail and innovative standard to developing the ADVANCE X-TREEm suit as we do to our power tools.

Decades of experience and innovative solutions

The ADVANCE X-TREEm suit is a product of true STIHL quality, decades of experience and the entire scope of STIHL professional know-how. Together with key players from the international forestry and professional tree maintenance sectors STIHL textile engineers worked on creating innovative solutions. The unique ADVANCE X-TREEm premium suit − the new top model in the ADVANCE series − is based on the wide range of insights into the practical requirements of professionals.


Great comfort thanks to high-tech materials

With innovative high-tech materials an optimal result is achieved.
We will now show you what was developed and why, and explain how the most important materials function.

  • ProElast

    ProElast is a circular knitted fabric with no seams, thanks to the way in which it is produced, and has a tremendous degree of stretch in every direction. The fabric, which was specially developed for STIHL, ensures excellent flexibility in those areas of the suit where it matters most, such as the crotch, the thighs and the back. Less strain is placed on the wearers’ muscles while working in a tree, helping them to conserve strength. This means that it is possible to work for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued. In addition, ProElast is quick-drying and wicks away moisture and sweat, providing key areas, such as the kidney region, protection against becoming too cold. The lower back remains covered and dry at all times. Thanks to the unparalleled comfort and complete freedom of movement it provides, ProElast is perfect for climbing, professional use under extreme conditions (e.g. a job involving complicated cutting) and even for competitions. As a result, it lives up to the requirements of real professionals.

  • AVERTIC pro lite

    AVERTIC pro lite is an ultralight, breathable and fast-drying six-layer cut-protection material that was developed exclusively for STIHL. The especially lightweight, maximum-strong high performance fibre has a particularly large share of Dyneema. Compared to STIHL ADVANCE cut protection, AVERTIC pro lite is 17% lighter and 23% more permeable to air.

    Safety has the highest priority at STIHL so the cut-resistant trousers were tested of SMP and their suitability for professional use was test-driven extensively at kwf.

  • Handsaw protection

    Pairing perfectly with the ADVANCE X-TREEm suit is the innovative STIHL handsaw protection that we have developed to protect arms and hands against injuries that can still occur if a handsaw slips accidentally during tree maintenance work, no matter how careful the worker is. The handsaw protector is conveniently attached to the sleeves with a Velcro fastener and fixed with a loop that goes around the middle finger. It is suitable for use by both right- and left-handed people.

Handsaw protection

That’s not all the ADVANCE X-TREEm suit can do…

The ADVANCE X-TREEm suit boasts even more innovative and practical features:

  • Ceramic-coated and elastic trimmings have been used on those areas of the suit that face heavy-duty wear like knees and elbows.
  • The functional shoulder-area is equipped with a DotGrip protection against abrasion on the outer surface and a space keeping material on the inner side to ensure a better air circulation. Reflective and signal orange details ensure enhanced visibility.
  • Zip openings for ventilation have also been included at the back of the trousers and on the sides of the jacket to make it possible to regulate body temperature.
  • The zip fasteners with carbon trimming are water-resistant..
  • A highly breathable gaiter with boot connection provides additional protection against ticks.
  • The sleeves of the jacket are completely detachable, making it easy to go from a jacket to a vest in no time.
  • The first-aid kit can be flexibly labelled.

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