STIHL electric chainsaws from 1926 to today

A weight of 37 kilogrammes and takes two men to operate? A thing of the past!
The current STIHL electric chainsaws are lightweight and are easy to switch on with the touch of a button.

Chainsaw in the sidecar

The path leading up to the new STIHL MSE 170-250 electric chainsaw range has been a long and successful one for STIHL. The first STIHL saw was an electric saw. Production started in 1926. With a power output of 2.2 kilowatts and a weight of 37 kilogrammes or more, it took two people to operate the chainsaw. To attract customers, the sidecar of a motorcycle was modified to make room for the saw – which featured a bar length of 85 centimetres – so that it could be transported to potential customers. This made it possible to visit several prospective buyers a day. After sawing large quantities of wood, many sawmills decided to buy the STIHL saw. The era also gave rise to the saying “Bringing the saw to the wood instead of the wood to the saw”.

Starting in the 1920’s, STIHL worked diligently on advancing the product. In 1952, for example, STIHL launched an electric chainsaw that only needed one person to operate: the STIHL electric bow saw, model REB. The electric chainsaws grew even lighter and easier to operate in the second half of the 20th century, and there were many innovations when it came to technology and comfort in use.

In July 2014, the company launched the most powerful STIHL electric chainsaw to date: the STIHL MSE 250. Weighing in at just 5.8 kilogrammes, the innovative tool replaced the MSE 220. The STIHL MSE 250 was developed as part of a common platform that includes the STIHL MSE 170, 190, 210 and 230 models.


STIHL MSE 250: the most powerful electric chainsaw from STIHL

Compared to previous models, the STIHL MSE 250 wins users over with its new design, improved ergonomics and 300 watts of added power (resulting in 2,500 watts in total) plus a more durable gearbox and carbon brushes with a longer lifespan. The tool is also the first saw in this range to come with electronic speed control. This allows the user to achieve better cutting results than in the past with lower feed pressure, making work less fatiguing. The tool’s LED is designed to be a service indicator and shows when it is necessary to replace the carbon brushes, for example.


Who needs an electric chainsaw?

STIHL electric chainsaws are perfect for working in residential environments. With a power output of up to 2,500 watts, the exhaust-free, quiet tools are a perfect solution for sawing jobs in craftsmanship, farming or occasional use. The article “Easy to use: STIHL electric chainsaws” gives you an overview of some of our powerful models, potential uses and key product features.

the next generation of STIHL electric chainsaws

The right one for everyone: the next generation of STIHL electric chainsaws

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