STIHL quality in detail: Innovative technology, developed by STIHL

Thirteen articles provide you with background information right from STIHL’s development department. We report from our dust chamber, give you insight into development of our batteries, and reveal which tests our tools have to withstand before they make their way to specialist dealers.

Using energy efficiently: The cordless power system from STIHL

cordless power systemOur experts in battery development are the first port of call when it comes to efficient energy use. Learn more about the STIHL cordless power system on our blog.

Freezing cold and scorching hot: Chainsaws for any climate

our tools under extreme temperaturesSTIHL products are used all over the world. That’s why we test the start and the operation of our tools under extreme temperatures. Learn more about our work in the temperature chamber on our blog post.

Saw chains from STIHL: Optimum cutting performance

our saw chain testing benchIt’s certainly an impressive sight to see our cutting robots making short work of the wood on our saw chain testing bench. We test the cutting performance of our saw chains thoroughly. Find out what it’s all about on our blog post.

Flow modelling simulation: Reducing wear

optimise engine componentsOur engineers apply complex methods to optimise engine components to ensure that the lubricant is always exactly where it is required. This reduces wear and extends the life of engines.

Clearing saws, brushcutters and lawn trimmers: The right material for cutting tools

the right materialThe right material is the basis of a good product. Find out in this article what matters most when it comes to the material for cutting tools.

Every gram counts: Magnesium reduces weight of STIHL products

Reducing tool weightReducing tool weight is one of the cornerstones of our research and development activities. Read about the measures we are taking to make things easier − and lighter − on.

Acoustic measurement at STIHL

Acoustic measurementWhen you enter the acoustic measurement room in STIHL plant 2, it takes your breath away. The silence in the room is absolutely jaw-dropping. Find out in this article what we are doing to make sure you have peace and quiet.

Tried and tested: Endurance testing for STIHL tools

Endurance testingFrom chainsaws and hedge trimmers to mistblowers, each model in our product range is given a meticulous testing plan. We reveal to you how we test our tools.

Anti-vibration systems from STIHL

Anti-vibration systemsOur tools really pack a punch. It’s clear that delivering so much power results in vibrations. That is why we developed our STIHL anti-vibration systems.

Air filters for optimum engine performance

Air filters for optimum engine performanceIf there’s so much dust that you can’t see your hand in front of your face, you are most likely in our dust chamber. STIHL air filters are tested under extreme conditions to achieve optimum results.

Fuels, oils and lubricants: Fuel/oil mixture from STIHL

Fuels, oils and lubricantsEven though you may not see it at first glance, your STIHL tool is the result of great expertise and a considerable amount of research. That applies not only to the device itself, but also to STIHL fuels, oils and lubricants. Find out in this article why we develop our fuels, oils and lubricants largely in-house.

Ideal material: The right material for stable tools

right material for stable toolsOur materials engineers lift the lid on a fascinating new world when they put steel under their scanning electron microscopes. Discover the details they uncover in this post.

Cut protection fibres for your safety

proper protective clothingYou’ll certainly be familiar with high-tech fibres from your everyday lives: Waterproof, breathable rain jackets accompany us through many days of the year. But there is more at stake when it comes to proper protective clothing while working with chainsaws, hedge trimmers and similar tools: cut protection. Read more in this article about STIHL cut protection clothing.

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