Freezing cold and scorching hot: Chainsaws for any climate

Thirteen background articles provide you with interesting facts right from the STIHL plant. Read on to find out what happens before your tool makes its way to specialist dealers. This article is about our special climate chamber.

Ready for all climate zones

STIHL products are used all over the world. And STIHL should be a byword for reliability all over the world, too. When temperatures in Siberia fall below freezing point, our customer has to be sure that his chain saw will start. The same applies to users in hot climate zones, such as Africa or South America. That’s why we test the start and the operation of our tools under extreme temperatures in our special climate chamber.

our tools under extreme temperatures

Cold and heat help in product optimisation

We can cool the chamber down to a chilly -30°C, or heat it up to 40°C. This gives us answers to some important questions: How does the fuel mix behave in these temperatures? Does the oil have the ideal viscosity? Do our fuels burn without leaving much residue? How does the tool perform around the dew point? We take all of these findings from our climate chamber and integrate them into the development of new products. This way, we ensure that we are always moving forward in terms of development, from model to model. You can put your faith in our tools giving you a helping hand, even in extreme weather conditions.

You will find an overview of all background articles for this series on our blog post „STIHL quality in detail: Innovative technology, developed by STIHL“.

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