Lettering oddity: the letter “i” with a dot in the logo of the Stihl 07 chain saw

We no longer “dot our i’s” in our current STIHL logo. That’s because we capitalise every letter in our company name. Not only that, this way of writing the name also makes it clear whether we are talking about the company STIHL or the Stihl family.

An oddity: the “Stihl 07”

But the logo on the 07 chain saw from the 1960s is a genuine oddity. The company name is written in lower-case letters on the second gearless STIHL chain saw, creating a unique trademark with a dot on the “i”.


The original design of this unusual lettering, hand-drawn in ink on paper, can still be found in the company archives.


The 07 was a mid-sized universal saw for forestry, sawmills and the construction industry. It was also suited for use by fire and emergency services. The lower-case letters were probably intended to reflect the tool’s smaller size. After all, it was 2.2 kilogrammes lighter than its famous predecessor, the Contra.

Capital letters since 1976

The dot on the “i” disappeared for good from the company’s trademark in 1976, when the current company logo and a specially designed proprietary typeface for STIHL were developed. As a result, the 07 and its successor models the 08 and the 08 S remain the exceptions to the typographic rule.

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