Sophisticated battery power

Regardless whether you’re building with wood, sawing firewood, moving the lawn, trimming lawn edges, cutting bushes or getting rid of dirt, sweepings or leaves, cordless power tools from STIHL make light work of all sorts of gardening jobs. The tools offer functional design, outstanding ergonomics and powerful engine performance.

Innovative lithium-ion power packs are at the heart of STIHL cordless power tools. They deliver plenty of power and a high energy density. What’s more, they can be charged in a very short time, have no memory effect and fit all types of cordless power tools.

One battery for multiple tools

Our quiet, portable, exhaust-free battery power gives you ultimate freedom of movement while carrying out gardening tasks and grounds maintenance. Flexibility is a major bonus. STIHL battery packs are available in a variety of performance classes and fit every cordless power tool STIHL offers. STIHL cordless products are easy to find – just look for the large A in the product description.

STIHL Lithium battery Info

Fully charged and ready for action: STIHL battery chargers

The AL 100, AL 300 and AL 500 chargers deliver power to STIHL batteries.

The AL 300 and AL 500 quick chargers provide a higher charging rate and active battery cooling compared to the standard AL 100 charger. What’s more, the AL 500 also has a wall fastening on its base.

The AP 115 and AP 180 batteries are particularly well suited for the AL 500 quick chargers, as their high-performance cells mean that they can be charged in very short time. Click here for a comparison of battery charging times.


Full charge. Full performance.

The performance of STIHL batteries remains constant over the entire operating time. This means that you can work over long periods at an extremely high performance level. Click here for an overview of battery charging times.

Another major benefit of STIHL batteries is that they’re long-lasting. The batteries can be charged several hundred times without any noticeable loss of energy. Even when they’re only partially discharged, they still deliver the same great performance. In contrast to nickel metal hydride batteries, STIHL lithium-ion batteries don’t suffer from memory effects.

One practical detail: The LED display (which is green during the charging process) goes out once the battery is fully charged.

Visit our website for some handy tips on how to handle batteries.

For more information on the STIHL cordless power system, check out the article “Fully charged with STIHL: the cordless power system”  and visit our website.

World-class innovation from STIHL: The new STIHL TSA 230 cordless cut-off machine

With the new TSA 230 cordless cut-off machine, STIHL has set another milestone in battery technology.

The STIHL TSA 230 is not only the world’s first battery-powered cut-off machine with a 230-mm cutting wheel, it’s also extremely light and compact at just 3.9 kg (excluding the battery).


Innovative design techniques were required in developing the TSA 230. After all, the use of battery technology and electric drive in an environment exposed to water, dust and sparks calls for innovative solutions. Special materials were refined through new testing and manufacturing processes as well as new assembly concepts to create the basis for this world exclusive. The results can be seen for themselves:

Thanks to exhaust-free battery technology, the TSA 230 does a clean job indoors and outdoors, no matter if it is a dry or a wet cut, up to 70mm cutting depth. STIHL battery technology also means that the TSA 230 can be conveniently turned on at the touch of a button.


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