Weighing the options: STIHL guide bars

Alongside engine units, STIHL develops its own saw chains and guide bars. This means that the three components are always guaranteed to match each other perfectly which is necessary for top cutting performance and exemplary functional safety.

The weight of the saw is also crucial to ensuring that it is comfortable and convenient to use. This is why STIHL constantly strives to make individual components in the chain saw lighter, including the guide bars.


STIHL manufactures and provides the right guide bars for every STIHL chain saw and area of application.

STIHL guide bars

The guide bar provides precise guidance to the chain saw. Together with the chain sprocket and the saw chain, the guide bar transforms powerful engine performance into nearly flawless cutting performance.

There are two basic types: the exceedingly robust Duromatic solid bars and the Rollomatic guide bars with sprocket nose and covered roller bearings. The sprocket nose minimises wear and tear on the saw chain during operation and the roller bearing covering keeps out dirt, which can otherwise lead to corrosion.


The completely symmetrical shape of STIHL guide bars makes it possible to turn them, allowing users to make equal use of the two long sides.

STIHL manufactures and provides the right guide bar for every STIHL chain saw and area of application. STIHL quality is ensured by decades of experience, the use of high-quality materials, innovative manufacturing techniques, ultra-modern production facilities, and multiple electronic manufacturing controls as well as quality checks of finished guide bars.


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With guide bars that feature the STIHL Ematic system, the chain oil consumption can be reduced by up to 50%, depending on the cutting attachment and type of wood. The system consists of an Ematic guide bar, an Oilomatic saw chain and a volume-regulated oil pump. The chain lubricant is delivered in measured amounts exactly where it is needed.


The STIHL Rollomatic ES light

Anyone on the hunt for an especially light guide bar need look no further than the Rollomatic ES light.

Picture of zhe STIHL Rollomatic ES light

The STIHL Rollomatic ES light

This especially light bar is suited primarily for forestry work with felling and crosscutting and for use in agriculture and construction on high-performance chain saws with long cutting lengths. This guide bar is a lightweight version of the STIHL Rollomatic ES made of wear-resistant steel. Empty spaces are milled out and welded shut using a special laser technique. This creates a stable hollow frame with a flexible outer and substructure. The design is up to 30% lighter than a Rollomatic ES guide bar. The reduced amount of weight improves the saw’s balance, making it possible for users to work longer at a single stretch, which is especially important when sawing with long guide bars.

Lightweight construction at STIHL

At STIHL, lightweight construction has always been at the heart of what we do. Andreas Stihl’s original idea was the “portable tree-felling machine”. The name of the first one-man BL petrol chain saw referred to its lightweight design. Even then, BL stood for “Benzin(säge) Leicht”, or “petrol (saw) light”.

1954 The first truly lightweight saw − the BLK petrol chain saw − weighs in at 11 kilogrammes. The initials BLK stand for Benzin (petrol), Leicht (light) and Klein (small). In 1966, STIHL manages to achieve a power-to-weight ratio of 2.0 kg/HP for the first time with the 040 chain saw.

1994 The Rollomatic Light guide bar was developed. The lightweight bar consists of two largely hollowed-out steel plates, and the empty spaces are filled with glass fibre-reinforced polyamide.

2010 The Rollomatic ES Light guide bar was developed. Empty spaces are milled out and welded shut using a special laser technique. This creates a stable hollow frame with a flexible outer and substructure.

This history continues through today. Weighing in at just 780 grammes, the latest development − the STIHL Rollomatic ES Carbon − is the world’s lightest 63cm guide bar. Even though the carbon guide bar will only be available as a special limited edition, it demonstrates that we at STIHL continue down the path set by our company founder Andreas Stihl of making it easier for people to work and live with nature. STIHL will use this development to continue making noticeable reductions to the weight of chain saws in future, as less weight with the same great performance is a winning combination for professionals and private users alike.

You can find out more about our guide bars on our website as well:

STIHL guide bars

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