M-Tronic: Starting up. Working away. Restarting. Always a perfect start.

No matter if you’re just starting up, working away or restarting your chain saw after a break, M-Tronic takes perfect control of ignition timing and fuel dosage whatever the operating status, and with electronic precision. Find out more about M-Tronic technology and the details that make sure you always benefit from optimum engine performance.

The cornerstone of M-Tronic technology is its control unit featuring a microprocessor, electronic temperature recognition and ignition system. The microprocessor represents the “brains” of M-Tronic. All relevant information on the status of the tool feeds into this. The result: an electronically precise supply of fuel – taking operating status and external conditions into account – means you will always benefit from optimal engine performance. It also saves you time and energy since you no longer have to worry about manual carburetor adjustments.

Combi-lever with a stop button function


Because M-Tronic can electronically distinguish between a cold or warm start, there only needs to be one start position on the combi-lever. The exact amount of fuel is provided as needed. There’s no need for you to be aware of your chain saw’s operating status, so you can power up to full speed straight away – even from a cold start. After the saw is turned off, the control lever immediately moves back into the operating position. Meaning the tool, once warmed up, can be restarted any time.

Control unit

control unit

The control unit is the control centre of M-Tronic, consisting of a microprocessor with an engine speed gauge and temperature recognition. It calculates the ignition timing and amount of fuel needed by taking into account outside temperature, elevation and fuel quality. The memory function integrated into the system remembers your previous settings, so when external conditions are the same, full engine performance is immediately at your disposal every time you start.



The micro-switch registers the position of the choke and, in conjunction with electronic temperature recognition, ensures superb starting.

Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve

The electronic solenoid valve takes just milliseconds to feed the correct amount of fuel into the engine as calculated by the control unit. Manual carburetor adjustments using adjustment screws are a thing of the past.

Fan propeller

Fan propeller

Two pole shoes are built into the fan propeller and supply the control unit with electricity. This means the fan propeller not only provides cooling for the engine when you start up your chain saw, it also generates its own energy supply to power M-Tronic.

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