Fully charged with STIHL: the cordless power system

Our cordless power system offers you a full charge of STIHL. The quiet, exhaustfree, mobile power packs allow full freedom while carrying out gardening work, grounds maintenance or DIY projects, and are particularly long-lasting thanks to state-of-the-art battery technology. The STIHL battery in various capacities fits into every cordless tool in our range, and can be recharged in no time at all using our powerful battery chargers. Cordless power has come a long way.

One battery for everything

From mowing lawns and tidying lawn edges, to trimming hedges, removing leaves, clearing paths and cutting firewood – the STIHL and VIKING cordless tools make light work of all sorts of gardening jobs. And thanks to their innovative modular design, the batteries and chargers are compatible with all cordless power tools. No matter whether you’re a hobby gardener or a professional, you’ll always find just what you’re looking for.

STIHL Battery range

No cables means greater mobility

No power cord means the versatile cordless tools are unbeatable in terms of mobility. They’re ideal for working around the house and in public spaces. All our cordless power tools are lightweight and have comfortably low vibration levels. Each tool is easy to use.

Powerful performers

The brushless EC motor is incredibly energy-efficient and practically non-wearing. And thanks to its outstanding efficiency, every ounce of battery power is translated into a truly impressive performance served by 36 V lithium-ion batteries.

Clean and quiet

Cordless technology makes these tools ideal for noise-sensitive areas such as around hospitals, parks and residential areas. What’s more, the electric motor doesn’t produce any emissions at all.

Cordless technology

The benefits of the STIHL cordless power system at a glance

Loads of benefits: STIHL and VIKING cordless tools are ideal for occasional users and professionals.

  • Great ergonomics, easy to operate and low weight for outstanding efficiency
  • No cable, unrestricted mobility
  • Plenty of power, low noise and no emissions
  • Innovative lithium-ion technology for a variety of applications
  • Low self-discharge, no memory effect

And best of all: Our lithium-ion batteries can be used in all STIHL and VIKING cordless tools.

Whether you’re protecting, storing or loading your batteries, proper handling is the most important factor in ensuring long battery service life. You will find many useful suggestions and tips on handling batteries here.

STIHL cordless product advisor

The STIHL cordless product advisor on our website is the quick way to discover the best batteries for each cordless device.

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