Personal Protective Equipment? You bet your life!

If you work with powerful tools and other motorised devices, you need effective, safe protective equipment to keep you safe and sound when you are sawing, cutting, chopping and trimming.
At your STIHL specialist dealers, you will find a large selection of the right protective equipment for whatever it is you do so that you can focus on the work at hand and get the job done with peace of mind.

Proper protection for hands, eyes and ears

Using power tools often sends stones, dirt, water or filings flying. So it is very important to protect your head and your hands appropriately. Effective head protection consists of a sturdy helmet shell, a mesh face-protection visor and ear protection. We also recommend special gloves chosen specifically for the particular use. Find out more about gloves, safety goggles, head protection and ear protection here.


Mind your feet

When using power tools such as chain saws, good shoes are the key to working safely. With their rough-tread profile soles, STIHL water-resistant boots provide the necessary grip. All models feature a sturdy steel toe cap to protect your feet from falling objects. The cut-protection padding in our rubber and leather chain saw boots provide additional safety when working with chain saws. Find an overview of chain saw boots and safety shoes here.


Keeping safe from head to toe

Risks vary greatly depending on where you work and what kind of tools you use. That is why we have developed a wide range of functional work clothing and outdoor wear for a variety of uses, such as our clearing saw protective trousers for working with hedge trimmers or our special leg protectors with cut protection for occasional chain-saw users. In addition, we also offer rugged outdoor wear to help protect you from inclement weather.

Our 360° viewer will show you which items of clothing are a must when working with a chain saw.

Look out, here I come! Out in the woods with high-visibility protection

STIHL forestry work overalls  are made of high-quality, comfortable materials that are easy to care for and have a proven track record under real-life conditions. They are breathable, resilient against dirt, very durable and easy on your skin. What’s more, STIHL forestry work overalls feature large high-visibility elements and many functional details.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing

Rain, wind, snow – if you work outdoors, you are subject to nature’s moods. You appreciate work clothes that are practical, water resistant, windproof and keep you warm, like ADVANCE and RAINTEC outdoor wear, which you can wear comfortably over your cut-resistant clothes.


The actual products offered may vary from country to country. We reserve the right to change technologies, features, prices and the accessories offered. Please note that in certain countries, there may be specific requirements regarding personal protective equipment and that personal protective equipment is not a substitute for safe working technique. You should therefore necessarily pay attention to the operating instructions of your device.

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7 thoughts on “Personal Protective Equipment? You bet your life!

  1. Hello I am a friend of working in Algeria loggers I’m proud of my brand I’m working my brand of type Stehl thank you met him on the full and quality thank you

  2. your product quality is good. although a good quality is required for safety dress. thank you,.

  3. I have a stihl hardhat that lost the headband tightener knob. How do I get a replacement tightener knob?

  4. Hello Stihl,

    Currently in the USA, the states of Wisconsin, Colorado, Louisiana, New York and Virgina all have included fluorescent pink ( a.k.a. Blaze, Bright & Hot) as another safety color choice, in addition to the 45 year old hunter safety color, fluorescent orange.

    It is my understanding, that EU governing the 10’s of thousands of forestry workers throughout Europe, completed a massive study and the results were that Bright Pink was chosen to replace safety orange abroad out in the forest. It was selected as the #1 PPE safety color choice.

    I would sincerely appreciate if somebody could forward my email address or share who it is that I may contact that is the authority on this subject matter or who person(s) where that performed the comparison of bright pink vs. bright orange.

    Currently the State of Maryland is in the legislative process of recognizing Fluorescent Pink in concert with fluorescent orange, as another safety color choice.

    Thank you for your help! I truly need to communicate with somebody proficient on the bright pink matter.


    Michael Simonsen
    State of Maryland Hunters Education Instructor

    1. Hello Michael Simonsen,
      Thank you for your comment. After consultation with our colleagues in the US we can tell you that pink has become a more popular option for apparel items; however, we are not aware of pink being recognized as an official color among any standards for reflective clothing or safety apparel.
      Best regards,
      your STIHL Team

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