High pressure: magnesium diecasting from STIHL

Components made of magnesium alloys have always played a vital part in many STIHL chainsaws. To ensure high quality standards, STIHL opened a magnesium diecasting plant in Germany’s Eifel region in 1971. Today it is one of Europe’s largest and most modern magnesium diecasting plants. Take a look at the high-tech foundry here.

Easy maintenance: healthy plants with STIHL sprayers and mistblowers

If you love working in nature then you’re passionate about the health of your plants. Mistblowers and sprayers are indispensable tools when it comes to protecting and caring for plants. They are used in applying pesticides and fortifiers to flowerbeds, in the greenhouse, and to vines. But what are the specific differences between sprayers and mistblowers?

Ready for any challenge. STIHL battery power.

Our extensive range of STIHL cordless tools offers a solution for every challenge, whether in small, medium-sized or large gardens, or for professional applications. But which product is the right one to suit your needs and what benefits do our tools offer? Find out in our blog post.

Tailwind for pros: working comfortably with the BR450 C-EF

The STIHL BR 450 C-EF is the first professional blower on the European market that comes equipped with ElectroStart. Thanks to this innovation, users can easily restart the tool after short interruptions to their work without having to take it off their backs first − proving very useful to landscapers and municipal cleaning operations.

Innovative PPE: the ADVANCE X-TREEm suit

Our goal was to develop a premium forestry work suit using state-of-the-art textile engineering that lives up to the necessary practical requirements, which is why we applied the same painstaking attention to detail and innovative standard to developing the ADVANCE X-TREEm suit as we do to our power tools.

STIHL electric chainsaws from 1926 to today

The path leading up to the new STIHL MSE 170-250 electric chainsaw range has been a long and successful one for STIHL. The first STIHL saw was an electric saw. Production started in 1926. With a power output of 2.2 kilowatts and a weight of 37 kilogrammes or more, it took two people to operate the chainsaw.

The STIHL anti-vibration system in chainsaws

An anti-vibration system is a standard part of chainsaws today. But that hasn’t always been true. Back in the old days, the handles were attached directly to the engine of the chainsaw, which meant that users could really feel the vibrations of the machine.
The first one-man saw, the legendary STIHL Contra, revolutionised forestry when it was launched in 1959. The Contra allowed forestry workers to trim trees with a chainsaw instead of an axe for the first time. However, this also meant that chainsaw operators were exposed to higher vibration loads.