Getting gardens in tip-top shape: mowing heads and mowing lines

Your lawn mower helps you to efficiently trim your grass and keep it neat. But every lawn and garden has edges and corners where cutting grass can be a challenge. That is where handy, easy-to-use brushcutters come in. Their excellent handling convenience and flexible mowing lines make them the perfect helpers when it comes to tackling the green spaces around obstacles, trees, fences and even brick walls. This article offers you an overview that is designed to help you choose the right brushcutter and the perfect attachment.

The brushcutter makes garden work easier.

Helps keep growth in check: the brushcutter makes cleaning up the edges of your lawn easy.

Powerful helpers against grass and weeds: mowing heads

Looking to trim the edges of your lawn around your terrace or flower beds? Or would you rather clear a larger amount of space? There are a number of different STIHL mowing heads for a wide range of jobs. When space is tight, mowing lines offer an ideal solution. They make it possible to cut grass and weeds around obstacles, without damaging sensitive objects such as trees or fences.

A close-up of the STIHL AutoCut mowing head.

Tops in convenience: the AutoCut mowing head automatically adjusts the line to the correct length during operation.

When it comes to mowing heads, you have the choice of the following options, all of them designed for comfort and convenience:

  • The TrimCut is a two-line mowing head that allows you to set the length of the line by hand.
  • The AutoCut mowing head lets you conveniently extend the line by tapping the mowing head on the ground, even while it is operating.
  • The AutoCut C mowing head – the deluxe version of the AutoCut – is especially popular, since users don’t need to open the mowing head to fill it. However, the AutoCut C is not compatible with every tool. Your dealer will be happy to advise you.
  • The SuperCut mowing head adjusts the length of the line fully automatically for optimal cutting length at all times.
  • The DuroCut mowing head was developed especially for tough grass and stubborn weeds. Depending on the engine performance of your clearing saw, you can use a mowing head with either two or four lines. The tougher and more stubborn the vegetation, the more important it is to have high engine performance.
  • The PolyCut universal mowing head is available with two or three robust, moving plastic blades and is capable of taking on even stubborn weeds.

Want more details? Then visit the cutting tools product overview on our website.

Safety and power go hand in hand. That’s why you’ll always get a pair of safety glasses when you purchase a STIHL clearing saw. But your eyes aren’t the only thing that needs protection. Be sure to protect your hands and the tool itself too. STIHL offers the right guards for mowing heads and PolyCut, so that you can always put safety first when trimming your edges.

Mow, trim and cut: a world of uses for mowing lines

Whether round, square, pentagonal or cruciform, our mowing lines are available in a wide variety of profiles, materials and diameters. All are made from abrasion-proof and highly elastic material, for reliable mowing performance coupled with low wear and tear.

This is how the STIHL mowing lines differ:


Yellow, green or black? The colour of a mowing line indicates its diameter and strength. Grey lines, for example, have a diameter of just 1.4 mm, whereas red ones have a diameter of 2.7 mm.

The right combination for better results

So now you know all about the benefits of our mowing lines. But which cutting tool is the right one for you? Generally, we differentiate between clearing saws and brushcutters. Our rule of thumb is that brushcutters are better suited for DIY fans and for home gardens, whereas clearing saws are designed for professional use. “Lawn trimmer” is another term that is often used to describe brushcutters.

We recommend focusing on the challenges you face when choosing a brushcutter and the attachments to match.

Grass and sparse vegetation: brushcutters for trimming grass

Working in the garden with the STIHL FSA 56 cordless brushcutter – the perfect tool for trimming and mowing small lawns.

Lightweight, easy-to-use brushcutters are perfect for trimming and mowing small lawns. The STIHL FSA 56 cordless brushcutter from the COMPACT cordless power system is one example from this category. The tool is equipped with an AutoCut 2-2 mowing head (round and quiet mowing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm), for outstanding efficiency and quiet performance in your garden.



Grass and stubborn weeds: brushcutters for garden and landscape maintenance

Trimming the edges of a lawn in larger gardens with the STIHL FS 56 R petrol brushcutter.

Do you have a large garden or additional land that you would like to maintain? Then try a more powerful tool, such as the STIHL FS 56 R brushcutter.

We recommend the following mowing head combinations for your tool depending on your individual needs:

  • For cleaning up lawns in demanding gardens, the FS 56 R brushcutter with the AutoCut C 26-2 mowing head is the right choice. Select a mowing line with a diameter between 2.4 mm and 2.7 mm and the shape of your choice depending on the type and density of vegetation you want to tackle.
  • The right plastic blades and the PolyCut 27-3 mowing head let you take on even stubborn weeds.


Large spaces and dense vegetation: STIHL clearing saws for professional use

The STIHL FS 311 petrol clearing saw is capable of cutting through thick grass and scrub.

Clearing saws are the perfect choice for forestry and agricultural maintenance. They are designed for demanding mowing jobs and can even cut through thickets and stubborn weeds. The STIHL FS 311 is one example of a clearing saw for professional use.

We recommend the following mowing head combinations for the FS 311 depending on your needs:

  • The DuroCut 40-4 mowing head with two line pieces is ideal for thinning work in tough grass.

Equip your clearing saw with a brush knife for cutting scrub and thorny bushes.

Tip: If you often encounter dry grass, reeds or thorny bushes, we recommend equipping your clearing saw with a grass cutting blade or a brush knife. STIHL also offers the low-spin 250-44 grass cutting blade, which reduces the risk of damage caused by scattered particles and clippings to a minimum thanks to its special tooth design.

Looking for personal support and advice, or do you just need a new mowing line? Then visit a STIHL dealer near you today.

Would you like handy tips? Here we show you step by step how to start your STIHL brushcutter. You will also learn the correct way to use your brushcutter effectively.

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