Checklist: 5 professional tips for pruning fruit trees

There are plenty of good reasons for pruning fruit trees once a year. For one, it goes a long way in keeping the trees healthy. Proper pruning also supports new growth in the coming spring and promises a bountiful crop. The best time to prune the branches and twigs of pome fruit trees is when temperatures drop. There shouldn’t be any frost, though. Stone fruit trees, on the other hand, can also be cut back when temperatures are warmer – directly during or shortly after harvesting.
We have summarised the most important tips for you on pruning fruit trees in your own garden.

Woman trimming the branches of a tree with a pair of secateurs.

Secateurs let you get to the smaller branches.

How to successfully prune fruit trees

What do you need to look out for when pruning fruit trees? We’ve listed the most important tips for you:

  1. It’s better to cut back too much than too little, especially with young trees.
  2. Be a little more cautious when it comes to older trees, but still make sure to thin them out.
  3. Wait for frost-free periods when pruning fruit trees.
  4. Make sure to use sharp tools for clean cuts.
  5. Don’t forget the treetops. It’s especially important to thin out the treetops of older trees to ensure they are well ventilated.

See our checklist for the 5 most important tips for pruning fruit trees.

Print out the checklist and hang it in your garden shed or simply save it on your smartphone. Download the “5 tips for pruning fruit trees” here.

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  1. Fruit tree pruning is a practice. Your trees will be fine just research everything before hand. We have infinite knowledge in this day and age. There is no information you cannot find about pruning. Happy planting!

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