STIHL gardening tip: clearing leaves

Whether it’s a hedge trimmer, brushcutter, chainsaw or blower, every STIHL tool is the product of experience gained in decades of the development and use of power tools for forest and garden.

Our garden tools are designed perfectly for their intended applications. We want to share our expert knowledge with you to ensure you can relax as you take on the challenges that await you around your home and garden. That is why we have brought together some useful tips and tricks for you in our series of articles entitled “STIHL gardening tip”.

This article talks about why you should remove leaves from the lawn and how you can put the leaves and cuttings you’ve collected to good use.

STIHL gardening tip: clearing leaves

Our expert tips about blowers:

  1. Clearing leaves from the lawn: Fallen leaves need to be removed from the law. If they’re left, the lawn will not get enough light in autumn and winter, resulting in pale, unattractive areas of grass. That’s why we recommend clearing leaves as regularly as possible, because wet leaves dry solid, making them more difficult to remove. If there are larger quantities of leaves, it’s best to blow them together to form a pile, which you can then clear away. This saves effort and time.
  2. There’s a risk of slipping on damp leaves: Make sure paths are clear of leaves, because wet leaves in particular quickly become slippery.
    Also, removing wet leaves is harder work for your leaf blower. If for example you’re working with a battery-powered blower, you can blow away more dry leaves than wet with a single battery charge. This means you can clear a greater area.
  3. Using leaves and cuttings as frost protection for plants: The leaves collected with the blower don’t need to be disposed of at great cost. Leaves can be left to lie on flowerbeds and under shrubs, where they can even be heaped up. This provides natural frost protection for plants in winter. As the leaves rot over time, they become valuable fertilisers.
  4. A winter habitat for small animals: Hedgehogs and other small garden animals are always happy to see large piles of leaves lying in the garden, offering a warm place to hibernate.
  5. Disposing of excess leaves and cuttings on the compost heap: Before you put leaves on the compost heap, it’s best to break them into small pieces. As the withered leaves are very low in nutrients, we recommend mixing the compost heap with other garden waste that is richer in nitrogen. This helps the compost to decompose.
remove leaves, cuttings and dirt

A blower is used to easily remove leaves, cuttings and dirt.

As a general rule: before you start using your blower, make sure you read the operating instructions and the safety instructions they contain.

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Advice from your STIHL dealer

A STIHL dealer will be pleased to advise you on which tool is best suited to your gardening requirements. Just visit one of our dealers for an individual, non-binding consultation. Click here to find a dealer near you.

You can find more useful information about gardening in the following articles in our “STIHL gardening tip” series.

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