Checklist: Storing your chainsaw correctly

If you don’t use your chainsaw for more than three months, you should store the device properly in the meantime. Make sure you follow the storage instructions below – otherwise your device may not restart properly when you want to use it again.

  1. Empty and clean the fuel tank in a well-ventilated location.  Dispose of the fuel in an environmentally friendly way, following the relevant instructions: special disposal facilities – such as communal recycling centres – must be used when disposing of fuels and lubricants. This is the only way to properly dispose of these substances. Don’t burn fuel residues, and don’t use them as cleaning agents or similar.
  2. Run the carburettor empty. Otherwise, membranes in the carburettor may stick together.
  3. Remove the saw chain and guide bar, clean them and spray them with protective oil.
  4. Thoroughly clean the device, particularly the cylinder ribs and air filter
  5. If you’re using biological chain oil (e.g. STIHL BioPlus), you should fill the lubrication oil tank to the top.
  6. Store the device in a dry, safe location. Make sure that no-one is able to access the device without your authorisation (e.g. children).

Storing your chainsaw correctly
Tip: Print out the checklist and put it on the wall in your tool shed, or save it on your smartphone!

You can download the “Storing your chainsaw correctly” checklist here.

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  1. Even for the most experienced of operators, the chainsaw can be one of the most intimidating tools in your arsenal. Its power requires your complete focus and attention, and its many moving parts make maintaining it a challenge.

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