A powerful duo – STIHL operating fluids and machines

Having to drive down to the petrol station to pick up fuel for the chainsaw is hardly the ideal solution. Not all engines are the same. The compact, high-speed engines in STIHL machines have entirely different requirements when it comes to fuels and lubricants than other engines, such as those in motor vehicles. To get the very best out of your equipment, it’s vital that you bear this in mind.


Developed together, for performance you can feel

As one of the largest manufacturers of handheld power tools, STIHL is an expert when it comes to small engines. It therefore makes sense for STIHL to develop the oils, lubricants and fuels for its machines. And that’s precisely what we do.

We operate in our cutting-edge development centre with an in-house laboratory. The development centre accommodates entire teams dedicated to the optimisation of combustion properties, lubricity, starting performance and the environmental compatibility of STIHL fuels and lubricants, all of which are modified to the performance requirements of STIHL machines. This is the only way your equipment can reach its full potential.

STIHL Optimum System_en

Triple checked for better operation – so that it runs like clockwork

In addition, STIHL machines and operating fluids undergo comprehensive

endurance tests before they appear on the market. STIHL equipment and operating fluids are subjected to thorough functional and endurance testing at over 100 test stations – in some cases continually, right around the clock. Testing then moves outside. In field tests, components must withstand real operating conditions. All of the test results are directly incorporated into further product development. This way we can ensure that our products function flawlessly over lengthy service lives in any weather conditions.


What can you expect from STIHL fuels and lubricants?

Durable engines, minimum maintenance, lower costs

STIHL fuels and lubricants, such as the ready-mixed fuel MotoMix, provide long-term engine protection. High-quality oils provide high-quality lubrication performance and, thanks to clean burning, engines run for longer. It’s guaranteed to pay off.

Performance you can feel

Outstanding starting performance, optimum acceleration over the entire speed range and flawless operation, even with a sudden gas exchange, the fuel mixture STIHL MotoMix brings STIHL engines up to full speed. A real power pack in your hands.


Clean handling

Whether the tank is being filled or the engine is running, you can be ensured a clean performance thanks to reduced emissions and clean burning. For instance, STIHL MotoMix is almost free of substances such as olefins and aromatics (e.g. benzene).

Practical use and suitability for storage

Forget the laborious filling and handling; ready-to-use mixes can be used immediately and, under the right conditions, be stored for up to 5 years*. Since alkylate fuel and engine oil are inseparable, the product remains stable for longer allowing you to get to work immediately, even after longer periods of downtime.

A benefit for the environment

Not only are STIHL fuels and lubricants powerful, they have also been proven not to harm the climate or ground water. Our chemists and engineers have worked to significantly reduce the pollutants in emissions. The two-stroke engine oil STIHL HP Ultra, for example, is over 80% biodegradable in 21 days.


* Storage conditions: in approved airtight containers at a room temperature of max. 20°C. Store in dry, dark storage rooms.

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