Checklist: Washing instructions for personal protective equipment

Anyone who works in the forest or the garden wearing STIHL protective clothing knows all too well that a job well done leaves cut-protection clothing soiled. Resin and grass stains, soil and dust in particular cling to cut-protection trousers. To ensure that you can enjoy your work clothes for as long as possible despite all this, the personal protective equipment from STIHL is made to handle being washed in the washing machine at temperatures of up to 60 °C.

Simply pay attention to the following:

Checklist: Washing instructions for personal protective equipment

Tip: Print out the checklist and hang it above your washing machine or simply save it on your smartphone.

You can download the “Personal Protective Equipment” checklist here.

Learn more about personal protective equipment in our article titled “Personal protective equipment? You bet your life!”.

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2 thoughts on “Checklist: Washing instructions for personal protective equipment

  1. Great safety chaps! Thank you.

    Washing/cleaning suggestions:

    I am not sure what you mean by reactivating the impregnating of the outer layer with a warm iron?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Chris Martell,
      thank you for your comment. You can reactivate the impregnation of the outer layer by ironing your dry equipment on the lowest level and without steam. The heat renews the water-repellend effect.
      Best regards,
      your STIHL team

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