Checklist: Proper chainsaw maintenance

If you want your chainsaw to deliver the best cutting performance each and every time and to enjoy a long service life as well, you should make sure to do several key things.

  • Regularly clean the sprocket nose, the oil inlet hole and the oil the bar groove and the cooling fins.
  • Rotate the guide bar and remove burrs from the guide bar (if necessary) after each time you change or sharpen the chain.
  • Check the chain tension on new chainsaws once you have worn them in and never work without lubricating your chain!

The essentials at a glance:

Checklist: Proper chainsaw maintenance

Tip: Print out the checklist and hang it in your tool shed or save it on your smartphone.

You can download the “Chainsaw Maintenance” checklist here.

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  1. Chainsaw is a super machine which helps you to cut trees in a moment. A high-quality stainless-steel blade cuts trees with electric and gas power. Its blade is too dangerous when it runs, so you need to know its proper uses. You also need to know its maintenance. After read this article, it helps me a lot about chainsaw maintenance. I think it will also help you in chainsaw maintenance.

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