How to make mowing lines last longer

Whether you are a professional or a private user, wherever your lawnmower reaches its limits, clearing saws and brushcutters make an ideal choice. Together with a mowing head, these devices offer many advantages, particularly in small spaces. The mowing lines cut grass by rotating. If the line hits an obstacle, it is diverted, causing it to wear or break. With time, the mowing line gets shorter and shorter, so it has to be replaced regularly. That is why we recommend that you always have replacement mowing lines to hand. We have a few tips for you to ensure that the mowing line will continue to deliver optimal cutting performance and remains stable for longer, even after a long period of storage.

STIHL Brushcutter

Wet the mowing line

To ensure that the mowing line remains flexible and elastic in use and lasts longer, it should absorb moisture before use. That is why we recommend that mowing lines which have been stored for a long time, as well as new mowing lines, are placed in water for approximately 24 hours before first use.
If a clearing saw with a mowing head and spool has not been used for an extended period, we also recommend you to remove the spool from the mowing head and place it in water for two days before use.
These recommendations also apply to the blades of the PolyCut mowing head.

STIHL Wet the mowing line

A handy little sponge

The mowing lines of the STIHL DuroCut mowing head are an exception. The mowing line pack includes a useful extra: a sponge. If you soak the sponge, the mowing lines will remain moist in their packaging.

STIHL Moistening sponge

The STIHL mowing line range

Depending on the device or mowing head, you need different mowing lines. Lines for mowing heads with spools are available on rolls. Mowing Lines for the DuroCut are pre-cut. STIHL mowing lines are available in different shapes, with a variety of cross sections and diameters. All STIHL mowing lines are made from abrasion-resistant materials that remain elastic for long periods.
Click here for an overview of STIHL mowing lines for clearing saws and brushcutters.
Depending on the device, the mowing lines are inserted into the mowing head from the side or wound onto the spool. To see how the various mowing heads should be refilled, see the video instructions on our website.

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3 thoughts on “How to make mowing lines last longer

  1. What benefit is adding water to plastic, isn’t plastic waterproof? I do not understand this at all, it just seems like some kind of sales pitch to me

    1. Hello Dave Fullagar,
      Thank you for your comment.
      The synthetic material used has the ability to absorb a small amount of water and thus remain flexible. Just give it a try.
      Best regards,
      Your STIHL team

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