Brushcutters: How to service and maintain your tool

STIHL brushcutters provide great ease of use and robust technology.
Observing some useful tips on how to service and maintain your tool will ensure that your brushcutter will continue to work safely and reliably in your garden for many years to come.

Use the appropriate fuel

brushcutter refuel

We recommend you use STIHL MotoMix to power your petrol brushcutter. The premixed, ready-to-use STIHL MotoMix has been specially designed for the engine, is particularly clean and powerful and has a long shelf life. The STIHL filling system prevents fuel from spilling and the tank from overflowing.

Inspect the cutting tools of your brushcutter

brushcutter inspecting cutting tools

How well your brushcutter works depends on what condition the cutting tools are in. Follow these steps to inspect the cutting tools:

  1. Open the mowing head and check the line feed. None of the lines should be crossed. If this should be the case, wind new original STIHL lines on the mowing head.
  2. Subsequently check the mowing head for wear and cracks. Wear limit marks on the PolyCut indicate the condition of the cutting tools. If a PolyCut blade needs to be replaced, always replace all three blades.
  3. If you use metal cutting tools, it is important to check whether the tools need sharpening. Bent or cracked cutting tools must be replaced.

Find out more about the manufacturing of cutting tools for clearing saws, brushcutters and lawn trimmers on.

Clean your brushcutter regularly

brushcutter cleaning

Regularly clean the brushcutter’s guard and cutting tools. We recommend you use an all-purpose cleaner. Check that the cutting tool is properly mounted on the deflector. This is important for keeping the line at a constant length.

Find more useful tips and information on how to use brushcutters on our website.

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3 thoughts on “Brushcutters: How to service and maintain your tool

  1. Thank you for your helpful article. When is the best time for maintaining and cleaning the brushcutter in order to ensure that it will continue to work safely?

    1. Hello Ann Katelyn,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We recommend maintaining the brushcutter before every use. For a constant cutting performance, we recommend cleaning the cutting tool after every use.
      Best regards,
      your STIHL team

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