Turning your privacy hedge into a feast for the eyes − STIHL hedge trimmers are a cut above the rest

Colourful blossoms in spring, verdant green in summer, magnificent orange and red leaves and berries in autumn, and beautiful frosty branches in winter: Hedges shape the feel of a garden and make the change of the seasons a vivid experience for everyone to see and enjoy. What’s more, they play an especially important role in the ecosystem by providing a home as well as protection from the wind and the weather to a wide range of animals. Hedges also prevent excessive evaporation and soil erosion by protecting the soil from heat and strong gusts of wind.

To ensure that the privacy hedge in your garden stays thick and green, it needs to be trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. A general rule of thumb is to do this at least twice a year. The “spring trim” takes place in spring and involves giving the hedge a good pruning and contour cut. In the summer it is important to keep in shape: If irregularities have come to light with the growth of the leaves, they should be cleared. But please be careful and watch out for nesting birds and other small animals! Before onset of cold weather hobby gardeners remove weak shoots again, as these would draw power from the plant unnecessarily. In winter, after all, a first regeneration pruning can be carried out.


Learn valuable tips and tricks as well as everything you need to know about handling hedge trimmers from our Hedge trimmer video tutorials on YouTube. Watch the first tutorial here:

From cordless and electric to petrol hedge trimmers, these tools are a winning combination of excellent cutting performance and innovative features. The STIHL hedge trimmers are designed specifically for the care of densely grown and particularly long hedges. And for those who aim high:  grab our long-reach hedge trimmers. Here we give you an overview of our product range and how and where the different models can be used.

Petrol hedge trimmers

The high-power STIHL petrol hedge trimmers are the right tools for large properties and for park maintenance and landscaping. The cordless tools guarantee users full, unrestricted mobility. STIHL hedge trimmers come in different cutting lengths and designs, such as the comfort version (C) with ErgoStart (E), for trimming (T) or cutting back (CB) hedges.

Cordless hedge trimmers

Wish trimming could be a quieter job without having to sacrifice cutting performance? Then our 36V cordless hedge trimmers are the perfect answer for you. The tools achieve a high stroke rate thanks to their lithium-ion batteries, and combined with diamond-finished special cutters, these powerhouses ensure excellent cutting performance. The cordless tools are ideal for jobs close to the house − and all without petrol fumes.

Electric hedge trimmers

The STIHL electric hedge trimmers boast precise cutting, optimum blade geometry and quiet yet powerful running. Balanced weight distribution ensures great handling. The lightweight STIHL HSE 42 and STIHL HSE 52 models are perfect for trimming branches and thin limbs. With the high-power STIHL HSE 81 top model, it is even possible to tackle mature, large-stem hedges effectively. You will find an overview of all STIHL electric hedge trimmers on our website.

STIHL’s extended-length and long-reach hedge trimmers are just the thing for anyone looking to prune high or wide hedges. Choose from petrol, electric and cordless extended-length and long-reach hedge trimmers depending on the job.


Petrol extended-length hedge trimmers

High and wide, long and deep – with the STIHL extended-length hedge trimmers, landscaping professionals are up to the challenge of tackling hedges of any size, from top to bottom and side to side. These high-performance tools with long and short shafts help you keep hedge growth in check with their tough cutting capability. Thanks to the cutter bar, which can be adjusted gradually, and a practical loop handle, users can be certain of high handling convenience and comfort.

Electric long-reach hedge trimmers

We offer the high-power STIHL electric long-reach hedge trimmers for those property owners with hedges who value a precise cut. The quiet, easy-to-operate tool has been specially designed for trimming very wide, long or tall hedges and for taking care of ground cover plants and undergrowth close to the house. The electric long-reach hedge trimmer is available in two shaft lengths and comes with an adjustable cutter bar.

Cordless extended-length hedge trimmers

With its double-sided professional cutting blades and adjustable settings for vertical overhead or ground-level cutting, the STIHL HLA 65 cordless extended-length hedge trimmer makes it possible for users to whip high or wide hedges into shape in no time. The tool’s optimum weight distribution ensures a good grip for users. The high-power lithium-ion technology and modern EC motor enable a long service life and high cutting performance, which means your work is easy, clean and mobile.

From the ornamental hedge at home in your own garden to the many metres of shrubs and bosks in parks and public grounds − with our hedge trimmers, you are sure to get every box tree looking its best and to trim every thuja to perfection. Our STIHL specialist dealers are happy to offer advice.

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