Out of the woods, into your living room! Chop your own firewood

Nothing could be cosier in winter than a fire in the fireplace. The wonderful scent of wood, the crackling sound of the sparks and the warming glow are good reasons why heating with fireplaces and stoves is so popular. What’s more, wood is a renewable resource and is particularly environmentally friendly.
Those who own a fireplace can buy their firewood pre-chopped and ready to burn or go out in the forest and saw their own wood. In fact, sawing and chopping your own wood saves money and is a fun way to get some fresh air out in nature. We will show you what you need to know if you want to chop your own firewood.

Chopping firewood.

Chopping firewood.

Into the woods

The best time to make firewood is between November and March, when the water content of trees is at its lowest. A chain saw is a big help when it comes time to turn trees into firewood. You should first take a course to learn how to use a chain saw properly, where you will also find out everything you need to know about safety rules for working in the forest.
Rule number one: wear personal protective equipment. Trousers or leg protectors with cut protection, chain saw boots with high-grip profile soles and cut protection, sturdy work gloves, well-fitting safety goggles and a helmet with ear protection and a visor are an absolute must. You should never work alone with a chain saw. Always cordon off the danger zone, and never drink alcohol while working. In addition, you should always have a first-aid kit with you for emergencies.

The chain saw

When you buy a chain saw, pay close attention to safety and efficiency. Safety features such as a chain brake and a throttle trigger lockout are particularly important, especially for occasional users. The choice of saw chain is a decisive factor in working efficiently.

With the Rapid Duro 3, STIHL offers a chain with carbide-tipped blades for mid-power chain saws that is even able to take it up with dirty or very tough wood and stays sharp up to ten times as long as standard saw chains. A practical new laser system from STIHL that can be mounted on the handlebar helps make it easier to calculate the precise felling direction and cut pieces of wood to fireplace size.

Always keep in mind that in the forest, you are only allowed to use chain oils, hydraulic fluids and alkylate-based special fuels that are rapidly biologically degradable. You should take your empty canisters with you and dispose of them properly.

By the fire

Wood has to dry for two years after being chopped. To do so, pile the logs in such a manner that air can circulate. Each log should be about 30 centimetres long. Cover the pile with a waterproof tarp.
If you only use your fireplace occasionally, you can burn just about any kind of wood. Softwood, such as spruce, heats up faster due to its higher resin content.

But you also have to add more logs to the fire more often when you burn softwood. Because it ignites and burns faster, it is easy to use the right amount and is ideal for occasional fires during autumn and spring.
However, hardwood – such as beech or oak – burns longer and is well suited if you permanently use your stove or fireplace.

So make yourself cosy in front of a lovely fire this winter!

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11 thoughts on “Out of the woods, into your living room! Chop your own firewood

  1. Do you supply moisture meters to determine the water content in logs for wood burner stoves?
    And what do they cost?


    1. Hello Gareth,
      Thank you for your comment. “Quality made by STIHL” is a brand promise that applies to all our products, regardless of where they are manufactured.
      The STIHL 070 is not available in the UK. Please ask your STIHL dealer for another chain saw that fits your needs.
      Here you can find your local representative and dealer network: http://www.stihl.co.uk/dealer-locator.aspx
      Best regards,
      your STIHL team

  2. whetre can i get a throttle trigger for an original 070 , i bought one but it doesnt quite fit the saw and it rev’s too high it need to be about 8mm nearer the wire lever

    1. Hello Ian Godfrey,
      Thank you for your comment. Please contact your local STIHL dealer for the replacement part of your STIHL 070. STIHL only distributes spare parts via authorized STIHL dealers. They are certified experts for repairs and will help you find the necessary part.
      You can find your local STIHL representative by choosing your region and country here:
      Best regards,
      your STIHL team

  3. HI

    Please i need to purchase STIHL 070. but i can not seem to fine any.
    i current reside in U.A.E but planing to export it to Cameroon.please kindly advise were can i find one.

    1. Hello Ibrahim Labaran,
      Thank you for your comment. The official STIHL distributor for the United Arab Emirates is the company JENGAN LLC.:

      Al Etihad Road
      After Al Mulla Plaza
      P.O. BOX 255, Dubai
      United Arab Emirates
      Tel.: +971-4-220 80 22
      Fax: +971-4-220 80 33
      E-Mail: info@jengan.ae
      Internet: http://www.jenganest.com

      The official STIHL distributor for Cameroon is the company CAMCI:

      Rue Franqueville Akwa
      B.P. 169
      Tel.: +237 33427908
      Fax: +237 33427193
      E-Mail: camci@camci-cm.com

      Please contact the matching distributor to place your request.
      Best regards,
      your STIHL team

  4. I have ms-70 and I tottaly do your offer about chopping my familiys firewood.? Not so much echonomic but really enjoyable.

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