DIY – wooden garden bench

Are you looking for a quiet place to relax? A rustic garden bench suits almost any garden. And it’s all the better when it is your own unique piece. We will show you how you can build your own garden bench in just a few steps using the “do it yourself” philosophy.

Protecting moorland: STIHL supports Bergwaldprojekt e.V.

Moors offer a unique habitat for animals and play a special role in climate protection. That’s why restoring degraded moors is an important task – one that involves commitment and muscle power, along with chainsaws. STIHL supports the non-profit organisation Bergwaldprojekt e.V. and offers an exciting look at the rehydration of a moor in the Hunsrück (Germany).

Tree felling at Hohenheim Castle

170-years-old, weighing in at several tonnes and with an impressive trunk diameter of 120 centimetres: a beech tree was felled and a 24-metre-high Norway maple was heavily pruned in Hohenheim in southern Germany.
STIHL was on site for this extraordinary mission, actively helping with tree maintenance tasks. We have captured the most exciting moments for you in pictures.

STIHL gardening tip: working with cordless power tools

To help you easily manage challenges at home and in the garden, we are bringing useful expert knowledge together for you in our “STIHL gardening tip” blog post series. In this article, we will give you tips for working with cordless power tools and will tell you how you can save electricity when working with your cordless power tool and how best to store your battery.

Do it yourself: wooden rollercoaster

If you have space for a slightly larger garden project: In these “do it yourself” instructions, we will give you a simple, step-by-step guide on how to build an amazing wooden rollercoaster yourself. What you need are skills in working with your hands, a garden the size of two football pitches, and a whole lot of wood.

STIHL gardening tip: clearing leaves

We have brought together some useful expert tips in our “STIHL gardening tip” series of articles to help you face the challenges around your home and garden with ease. This article talks about what you can use your blower for in your garden and how you can put the leaves and cuttings you’ve collected to good use.