Off to the US with “Jugend forscht”: An interview with STIHL apprentice Patrick Ziesel

Last year, STIHL apprentice Patrick Ziesel won the German-wide competition “Jugend forscht” in the category “Arbeitswelt” (the working world). Together with Joshua Rikker from Bosch, he invented a wood splitter and felling aid. Patrick Ziesel has since attended the ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) − the world championships for “Jugend forscht” − in Los Angeles. He tells us all about his experiences there in this interview.

World Logging Championships: Limbing

In the 1970s, a professional skills competition for forestry workers was created that tested five disciplines based on their daily work: tree felling, chain fitting, bucking by combined cuts, precision bucking and limbing.
In this article, we present some basic information about limbing.

Turning your privacy hedge into a feast for the eyes − STIHL hedge trimmers are a cut above the rest

Colourful blossoms in spring, verdant green in summer, magnificent orange and red leaves and berries in autumn, and beautiful frosty branches in winter: Hedges shape the feel of a garden and make the change of the seasons a vivid experience for everyone to see and enjoy. What’s more, they play an especially important role in the ecosystem by providing a home as well as protection from the wind and the weather to a wide range of animals. Hedges also prevent excessive evaporation and soil erosion by protecting the soil from heat and strong gusts of wind.