Get your hedges into shape: tip-top topiary tips

Some garden owners are perfectly happy cutting back their hedges the ordinary way. But others blossom into true artists when it comes time to trim. To create topiary shapes, it’s best to choose densely growing, typically evergreen species, such as box or yew. Thick branches that branch into finer and finer twigs form the main lines of the finished shape. To train the branches in the right direction, fasten the flexible twigs with wire.

New start in South America: A STIHL employee moves from Spain to Colombia

In 2013, Manuel Perez Almeria moved from STIHL Spain to the Colombian town of Rionegro. The new surroundings have given Manuel many exciting experiences and a brand new outlook. STIHL’s manufacturing network with production companies in Germany, USA, Brazil, China, Austria and Switzerland as well as over 30 subsidiaries around the world, offers more than enough opportunities.

Sophisticated battery power

Regardless whether you’re building with wood, sawing firewood, moving the lawn, trimming lawn edges, cutting bushes or getting rid of dirt, sweepings or leaves, cordless power tools from STIHL make light work of all sorts of gardening jobs. The tools offer functional design, outstanding ergonomics and powerful engine performance.

Deeply rooted – the STIHL plant in Wiechs am Randen

Andreas Stihl has a strong relationship with his hometown Wiechs am Randen. That’s why he built an entire plant here. STIHL plant 3 has now been around for more than 50 years.
At a family-owned company like STIHL, not all business decisions are made solely on the basis of hard, cold economic facts. Sometimes, the STIHL family’s sense of connection to a certain region and its people plays a greater role. That’s also how the story of plant 3 in Wiechs am Randen, Germany began – the first production site outside of Waiblingen, Germany.

STIHL supports Bergwaldprojekt’s forest school

In February, we profiled the non-profit organisation Bergwaldprojekt e.V. (STIHL supports the organisation Bergwaldprojekt e.V.). The organisation is committed to protecting, preserving and maintaining forests – with a special focus on mountain forests – and cultural landscapes. As part of Bergwaldprojekt’s activities, kids in Germany can attend a so called “forest school”, where they can […]