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We are glad that you are visiting our Instagram channel and would like to invite you to take an active role in asking questions, discussing topics and commenting on posts.

We look forward to reading your posts and answering your questions. During the work week, we are available from 9am to 6pm (CET). Please understand that enquiries that are placed on the weekend will generally be answered during the work week.

We are committed to respectful communication, which is something we believe is in the interest of all users. Please comply with Instagram’s terms of use and regulations. We reserve the right to delete posts that are deemed to be racist or sexist, communicate extreme political opinions, threaten, insult or discriminate against others, or promote violence. In addition to unlawful content, false claims and internal company information, we will not allow any third-party advertising, spam, service offers, job advertisements or applications or similar commercial posts, such as advertising for used STIHL products. Each user is responsible for ensuring that his or her posts (especially images/videos) do not infringe the rights of third parties. We reserve the right to delete posts at any time, especially if we receive notification of infringement from a third party or if a post is patently unlawful.

To protect your privacy, we ask you not to publish any personal information in comments. Therefore please avoid the naming of contact addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, personal details or other data that permit a conclusion on your person. Should we still come across respective postings, we reserve the right to delete them in order to protect your data.

We request that all users comply with these instructions and reserve the right to delete, edit, move and/or report posts that violate these guidelines. We also reserve the right to block users who repeatedly violate these terms and conditions from our list of subscribers.

For technical support inquiries, your local STIHL Dealer and/or our customer service is at your disposal.

To find a STIHL Dealer in your area, visit your region’s website, which you can find in this overview:

Thank you and enjoy our Instagram channel!

Your STIHL team

The user posts on our topics reflect the opinion of individual readers only. As the operator of this page, ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG assumes no liability or responsibility for posts, links, photos/videos or comments posted by users.

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2 thoughts on “Instagram Channel Rules

  1. Dear Stihl team

    I running successful business of Garden Maintenance in Cyprus.
    All my garden equipment is STIHL. Cost me around 5000 euro and I keep buying a new ones. Own three working cars. All our jobs are covers by 4 labors. We are quite popular in area.

    I created an Instagram profile. I will uploading photos of our work. On the pictures You can see Your product. I would like to just ask if is OK to show Your brand on photos?

    Is it any chance how I can cooperate with STIHL in future? I am very interesting in this kind of partnership because STIHL machines are the best in market. I can offer a lot from my skills and goodwill of my business in Luxury areas of Cyprus.

    Looking forward to hear from You
    Kind Regards
    Ivan Sevcik

    1. Hello Ivan Sevcik,
      Thank you for your comment.
      You are allowed to publish photos showing STIHL tools if you hold the rights of these pictures.
      But please note that you are not allowed to use our official pictures and videos.
      We receive many sponsoring suggestions but unfortunately our budgets are limited. So, we decided to concentrate our sponsoring activities on a few projects.
      Maybe your local STIHL distributor is interested in working together with you. We would therefore like to ask you to send your request to your certified STIHL distributor:
      Best regards,
      your STIHL team

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