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E10 fuel for STIHL power tools

Since the introduction of E10, anyone who mixes the fuel for their chainsaws using petrol from the petrol station and two-stroke oil has no doubt wondered whether E10 is also suitable for use in chainsaws, clearing saws and other similar tools. We have summarised the key facts about E10.

German-engineered, built in America* – 40 years of STIHL Inc.

Fred Whyte has reason to celebrate as he looks back at a 40-year success story that is the history of STIHL Incorporated. The company’s president has been selling STIHL tools for 43 years. He began his career in 1971 at the independent import company known as STIHL American. He was hired in 1973 by STIHL Inc. after that subsidiary was founded in the U.S. Whyte then played a significant role in establishing STIHL Canada before taking over executive management at STIHL Inc.

STIHL supports government project to maintain cacao plantations in Ecuador

Ecuador has a massive task ahead of it. More than 19 million cacao trees are slated for trimming as part of a project by the country’s ministry of agriculture. Some of the old-growth plants have not been pruned in a long time. The cacao fruits that grow close to the trunk are unable to get adequate exposure to light due to thick branches, leaving them vulnerable to rotting. STIHL is supporting small fincas in Ecuador with tools and expertise to help them cut back their trees.

New start in South America: A STIHL employee moves from Spain to Colombia

In 2013, Manuel Perez Almeria moved from STIHL Spain to the Colombian town of Rionegro. The new surroundings have given Manuel many exciting experiences and a brand new outlook. STIHL’s manufacturing network with production companies in Germany, USA, Brazil, China, Austria and Switzerland as well as over 30 subsidiaries around the world, offers more than enough opportunities.