Extremely narrow: the ¼-inch STIHL Picco Micro 3 saw chain

As the saw chain transfers the chainsaw’s power into the wood, choosing the right model is essential to work efficiently. That is why STIHL offers saw chains for every application and performance class. STIHL developed the ¼-inch Picco Micro 3 saw chain – currently the narrowest in the STIHL range – to optimise the cutting performance of cordless chainsaws and pole pruners.

Discussion regarding a cutting tooth model for cordless chainsaws.

The ¼-inch Picco saw chain was developed specifically for cordless chainsaws.

Precision work: chains developed for cordless chainsaws

To ensure that chainsaws deliver peak performance, STIHL develops its own saw chains in addiction to engine units and guide bars. The incentive for the development of the mini chain was the launch of STIHL’s cordless product line: A narrower chain was needed to achieve an optimum cut by compensating the somewhat lower chain speed of cordless chainsaws while also fulfilling high standards in terms of cut quality.

These saw chains use particularly small and delicate individual parts. The only STIHL saw chain production location of its kind in the world is in Switzerland, and it can draw on decades of experience. After all, the Swiss are known for their high quality standards and precision. The STIHL chain plant manufactures more than 70 different types of saw chain using special machinery – including the ¼-inch Picco Micro.

The series production of the narrowest STIHL saw chain currently on the market pushed even the Swiss tinkerers to their limits: because each link in a saw chain has to connect precisely to the next. And the low weight requirements for the individual parts presented a real challenge. For example, the ¼-inch Picco chain’s rivets weigh less than half a gram. That weight reduction becomes clearly noticeable after a long period of use.

Graphic representation of a saw chain cutting tooth

STIHL’s Swiss plant produces 70 different types of saw chains.

The result: the narrowest STIHL semi-chisel chain on the market

The groove width of the guide bar for the newly developed ¼-inch chain is just 1.1 mm. By comparison, the drive link thickness of the 3/8-inch chain, previously the most delicate chain in the STIHL range, is 1.3 mm. The cutting tooth’s narrower top plate and low height produce smaller chips. Less wood is chipped, perfectly compensating for the somewhat lower chain speed of cordless chainsaws and ensuring a fine, low-vibration cut. Since the saw chain also reduces the risk of kickback, the chain is particularly well suited for tree maintenance work carried out with pole pruners.

With a ¼-inch Picco saw chain, a cordless chainsaw user achieves approximately 20 percent higher cutting performance than with a 3/8-inch Picco chain, for example. Optimum cutting performance is achieved by constant, very precise compliance with high requirements – for instance, regarding the repeat accuracy of the cutting tooth bending process in the blanking tool. The tolerances are significantly lower than those for other cutting teeth.

Saw chain and guide bar in use.

The individual parts of the saw chain passed through approximately 20 times, from the first stage of production until assembly and delivery.

Do you want to know exactly how a saw chain works and how the cutting teeth plane off the wood? Then read our article How a STIHL saw chain functions.

From cordless chainsaws to petrol models: Your local STIHL Approved Dealer will be happy to advise you on the optimum saw chain for your guide bar and chainsaw.

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